Friday, July 26, 2013

Lisa Reviews Bumbleberries Cupcakes


So trying to bake everyday is hard.  I had to give it a rest mid week.  So instead my friend Heather and I had a cupcake roadtrip during lunch.  There's a local bakery shop called Bumbleberries at the Springfield Farmers Market.  The proprietor Stacy Lint makes excellent cakes both in flavor and design. The cupcakes are both aesthetically and palate pleasing!

Today she had quite an impressive menu of cupcakes and I took it upon myself to sample and review several of these cupcakes.  These cupcakes are addictive and wonderful and are everything a cupcake should be.

I tried the Banana Cherry cupcake first.  I have some bananas sitting on the counter that need to be used up and I wanted some inspiration.  This cupcake was delicious!  It is banana flavored cake with cherry pie filling baked right in....heavenly.  Its frosted with vanilla frosting and topped off with a maraschino cherry and a banana chip!  My new favorite!

Next, I tried the salted caramel.  My friend is a salted caramel fanatic and really, its not hard to see why, this cupcake just melts in your mouth with a little throat punch of salt at the end of the bite. This is soooo good.  I'm thinking this is some sort of caramel or tres leches cake, with a salted caramel filling, caramel butter cream, drizzled with caramel....Absolute heaven! So good.....SO GOOD! A definite favorite of the day!
Next was Chocolate with Oreo Buttercream....chocolate cupcake piled high with oreo cookie butter cream and crushed cookies on top! Delish!
And then the key lime.......I am all about some key lime pie! Love it. But this cucpcake was so yummy!

Key Lime cake, with key lime filling. I love the fact that she rolled the frosting in the graham cracker crumbs to capture the true key lime spirit.
Last was the orange creamsicle. This was orange cake with creamy vanilla frosting and a candy orange slice on top.  It really tasted exactly like a push up pop we used to eat as a kid.
To Bumbleberries, I say hat's off to you, your cake is amazing, your frosting is so light,
 airy and dreamy, I wish I could make mine this way.
You satisfied my cupcake craving and are clearly the best cupcake maker in Battle Creek.  And I know, because I eat a lot of cupcakes.
My only problem was that I could not sample every kind she had today!

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